Tempered Joy

Today, I presented my fieldwork project (exploring girls' attitudes toward and awareness of STEM careers) in my exit presentation. This was the final requirement for my Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, which I've been working on for the past year and a half. We don't get official results until next week, but I got a double thumbs-up from the two ladies on my panel.

My elation at (I think) successfully completing the program is tempered, though, by sad news in the world of education. That DeVos, someone who admittedly has no experience in public education was confirmed is shocking. I understand, though I disagree in the strongest sense with, her desire to overhaul the our nation's system of education. But shouldn't you understand something before you even think about changing it? And to understand it, shouldn't you at least have some experience with it?

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are almost universally as shocked and saddened as I am with respect to this confirmation. I continue to be proud of my fellow educators and our district, as we work to provide a high-quality public education for the students with whom we are entrusted. We will continue to advocate for and educate our students, because that's what we do best. 💜